Friday, July 07, 2006

Small City

Does everyone know freecycle? You got stuff you don’t want, you post a notice and maybe someone takes it away. You want stuff you don’t got, you post a notice and maybe someone gives it to you. Well, I’ve been wanting a barbeque, but what a ridiculous thing to request on Freecycle:

Wanted: Brand new propane barbeque with side element, stainless steel, very clean. Must drop off.

Not likely. But someone posted a notice about getting rid of a very grungy barbeque. Well now. I have steel wool and I have elbow grease. Bring on the tofu burgers. I emailed back and forth with this person a few times, we’ll call him SB, regarding location, condition, etc. Turns out he just got possession of his new house a week ago and the former owners left it behind. The last email, which consisted of the line “Cool, see you at 7.30” triggered a feeling of familiarity. Hmm, SB. I thought. Hmm, just moved. I thought. Hmm, talks like one of my friends. Hmm. I’m pretty sure his partner is a friend of a friend. I’m pretty sure he goes to see a lot of bands. I’m pretty sure I’ve sold him a Hilotrons t-shirt.

The mystery will be solved in a few short hours, but what a funny city, that you could answer a random ad and come face to face with someone you see on a semi-regular basis.

Other than that, I can’t wait for it to be the end of my work day. I’m gonna go flirt with a boy I know,* then head off to yoga, pick up my reportedly disgusting new barbeque, have a visit with my tiny lovely nieces and their equally lovely but not so small parents.

And I really meant to do nothing but houseclean this weekend. But how to resist a panel on Bad Art? My jesus, I’m a-twitter. I don’t know why, but I am on tenterhooks for that exhibit. And it would just be plain foolish to miss Anna Camilleri’s reading on Saturday. Foolish.

*Celibacy encourages harmless flirting.

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