Monday, July 03, 2006


I ended up having a very nice couple of days in Montreal.

Shelley, Mitch and I left Friday afternoon, got ourselves installed in our very swank B&B (though later reports indicate that the service - at one point including some snarkiness over asking for more toilet paper - did not live up to the spiffiness of the surroundings), had a delicious dinner comprised in part of the best tandoori chicken I've ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth, and then off to Le Boudoir.

It was great to be in a theatre full of dykes. The acts, well, some of them were amazing - there was a vaudeville play in French that had me laughing even when I didn't understand what the hell was going on - some of them were really good, and a couple made think it probably was poor manners to throw one's beer from the balcony. Even if it's in a plastic cup.

If nothing else, this weekend peeled some of the shine off Montreal. Le Boudoir was really good, but considering the length of time it's been running and the production scale, no better than Ottawa's burlesque shows. Meow Mix too. There were bands, etc. before the dancing. One band was really good, but two were so bad I had to sit facing away from the stage. Technically excellent, both of them, but again with throwing the beer. A waste of good beer, in this case.

And the women, while cute, were no cuter or more stylish than the women of Ottawa, who, in the main, I think are pretty cute and stylish. So part of my really good time in Montreal was realizing that it's just another city, not some haven of hip, beautiful lesbians all having much more fun than we do here.

The initial reason for me going to Montreal was to help my sister move. I managed not to lift anything the entire time, since almost as soon as I got there I was put on cleaning duty. The rubber gloves were packed, and I should have gone to the dep to buy some more, so as to prevent the skin currently peeling off my hands.

And so, I am using the third day of my Amazing Three Day Weekend to scrub my own house. I have baking soda, vinegar, borax and rubber gloves and we'll be sparkling tonight.

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