Thursday, July 20, 2006

Great Night

Man, what a fun night. It’s going to make up for Saturday.

Had dinner with a gal I dated for a little bit in the spring. Maybe we’re still dating. How would I know? We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so it was nice to catch up and have the chance to stare at her cheekbones and pretty green eyes for a few hours over a High Protein Salad at the charming Chez Lucien.

Then we biked off to the Slim Cessna show, which, in true Ottawa fashion, was not going to start for a couple hours. My ladyfriend had mentioned that the xpress listed start time as 9. Snort, I thought, double snort. And indeed, the openers went on after 10 pm. The openers. So we ended up at the Aloha for a drink. As soon as we got there, I ran into Jen and Liz and settled in for a great conversation about manners and music. Amazing to be surrounded by so many kickass women.

Slim Cessna Auto Club puts on a good show. Dirty thirties gothic revival meets Tool. Too tired to stay for the encore, but I had a great time. Not so sure my companion did.

Before all of this dinner and dancing occurred, I got a new ear piercing, called an inner conch. I am now the proud owner of a little silver ball nestled in the bowl of my ear. So cute! As he was about to do it, I got somewhat freaked out about the pain – it’s been 5 years since my septum – but it didn’t really hurt. Less than when I stubbed my toe on the wee step up into my room. That, I thought that might actually kill me. But this felt kind of nice, in a slidey sharp way. I’ll try and put a picture up sometime soon. Maybe once my ear is no longer red and swollen.

Saturday? Well. I won't be going to see the Kepler show. And I'll leave it at that.

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