Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things Were Great

I was having a great day or so there. I had an appointment with my therapist, who I continue to love. She's so smart! And nice! And calming! And buddha-like! After the emotional drain of last weekend, I was kinda dreading going in and dealing with more emotional shit, and god knows I've cried enough. But I left feeling revitalized and like things will get better and I won't keep making the same mistakes.

Then I got home to my first Santa Farmer basket. I've signed up for a basket of organic veggies from a local farmer. Yesterday's box was full of greens, so I had a big salad for dinner and felt very virtuous.

After my happy dinner, I met Aaron McKenzie Fraser (for what turned out to be lots of beer) to try and finagle him into working with me on the project that has so far been called variously Dirty Days, Time Again and Caught My Eye. (None of which I like.) I had a great time. Turns out no finagling was needed. Not only is he a great photographer and really excited about working on this, he's really interesting and nice too. It's going to be really fun to work with him, and I felt galvanized creatively in a way I haven't in a while.

I went to sleep in a brilliant mood.

Today was good too, work was fine, capped off with a beer with my Shelley, another big salad and a run by the river. That did my soul good, and made me realize I will never leave Ottawa. I stood at the top of the Empress stairs at about 8.45, watched the sunset and felt at rest.

Then I got home and turned on the radio. Two pieces of news.

The first gives me caution:
Tories move to raise age of consent
While I can't find anything terribly wrong in the specifics of what they're proposing, my spidey senses are tingling. I don't have a good feeling that raising the age of consent is going to solve the problem of adults preying on youth. If the Tories are going to raise the age of consent, how about lowering the age on "anal intercourse" so they're equal?

The second gives me nausea:
Ex-soldier found not guilty of sex assault on Manitoba girl
Not guilty? Because of PTSD? Because he "wasn't aware of what he was doing"? I guess if he wasn't aware he was doing it, he's not really responsible. You can fucking well bet that the 13 year old who was assaulted will be aware of it for the rest of her goddamn life. I'm all for getting this guy some help, but not fucking guilty? How about guilty and wait here while we get the therapist? Fuckers. Fuckers.

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grace said...

I heard that Manitoba story, too, and it made me ill. It is just wrong in so many ways. As I am sure everyone who heard about it thinks, too. But I felt I needed to say it. It is wrong. And awful.