Thursday, May 18, 2006

We had a good time at the beginning/ It tasted just like all the things I was missing

Man alive. Who knew I needed to break up with someone to get obsessive about music again? I mean listening to one song (Roller Coaster, by Sleater-Kinney) over and over kind of obsessive.

The song doesn’t suit completely, but those two lines I quoted above stick in my head and go round and round until I have to hear them again. And again. And let’s hit play one more time. My co-workers, who have been so kind about my swollen eyes and random tears, are probably wishing I’d listen to more than one song.

Speaking of music:

Damn you Amanda Putz, damn you for picking Boycrusher as the show to see this weekend. It’s the first show I can’t go to and you made me cry with your interminable discussion of Boycrusher vs. Hilotrons. (Who do not sound anything alike, Ms. van Oldenbarneveld.) I have no more claim on those songs.

I feel flat and bruised. I’m sure there’s some kind of metaphysical combine being run over me, separating who I was in the relationship from who I’ll be later.

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