Tuesday, May 23, 2006

About As Good As Could Be Hoped For

After a rather horrible blip this weekend, things seemed to have evened out, break-up wise.

We've managed to exchange a couple of perfectly civil emails, the last of which was from Mike's side and contained the sentence:

i'm looking forward to being friends - life is so boring right now.

And there's the rub. Because when we had fun, we had a lot of fucking fun. No one has ever made me laugh as often or as hard as Mike did.

But someone had to call time of death, even if there were a few nervous twitches left in the body.

Thank you to everyone who's sent me good wishes - strangers, acquaintances, friends alike. When you're breaking up with someone, you know in your brain that it's not the first or last time this has ever happened, but man, it's hard to feel that. It's possible that the only kind of self-absorption worse than falling in love is breaking up.

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