Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekend Affairs

A quiet weekend planned. Yoga with the lovely Jamine tonight, dinner with the lovelier Shelley, and hopefully squeezing into Jen's reading between the two. Jen is also lovely, in case you haven't met her or heard her read. But do go hear her read. Just get there after I do.

Next Tuesday is my last records management/archives class. I will not miss it. I'm sure that records managers have interesting jobs. In fact, I think if I weren't so daunted by starting another career, I'd being angling for a job that involves throwing crap out on a regular basis.

And next Tuesday is also my exam in that class, so this weekend will at least partially be devoted to studying the finer points of archives.

And watching more Lost. The Beard and I started this TV-on-DVD last week. I think it's replaced CSI: Miami as the funniest non-comedy on television. Our watching of it is punctuated by "Lookit, the fat guy's eating again!" or "Aw, the junkie's redeeeeeming his humaaaaanity!"

I'm not sure if it will continue to be funny for long, or just become tiresome with repetition. As with so many things. *sigh*

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