Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shy Girl 2 Takes the Lead

See, this is the problem with being a sort of shy girl and being attracted to those of your own ilk. You end up Not Dating for two years.

Apparently, I haven't clue one about how to read for context. I gave Shelley the specifics of the now infamous "sure, I guess I'll go out on a date with you" email, and she looked at me like I was crazy. "Of *course* she's into it, Megan. She thought the way you asked her was cute." Well, I didn't get that part confirmed, but my date was glad to see me and happy that we were finally on an official date. As was I.

We've been hanging out every once in a while for two years now. The last time we hung out, she thought it was a date until I brought her to my house where a sick Beard lounging on the couch and made her tea. Sexy. The first time we hung out, I thought it was a date until she biked away so fast I nearly got caught in the vacuum.

But all is well in the dating world now, and we're off to the races.

Very funny note about being poly and in a primary relationship with someone who knows everyone in Ottawa. Erin, the Beard's ex-roomie, comes out of the kitchen (who knew she worked there?) and wanders over to the table where my date and I are sitting. The manager comes over to ask us to move. Erin turns to the manager and says, "Hey, this is Mike's girlfriend." The manager, who clearly thought I was on a date, looks confused and says "Oh, wow. Oh, Mike's great. Nice to finally meet you. How is Mike." etc. etc. until he paused and I said, "This is my, uh, this is S."

Smelling Update:
My sister has an above average sense of smell, we have discovered. She reconized herself nine times out of nine, her friend Lisa nine times out of nine, and me, 7 times out of nine. She described my smell as not very smelly and faintly vegetal. So now none of you need to put your nose in my armpits. You can just think of me greenly.

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