Friday, April 14, 2006

The Anti-Megan

What happens when Megan meets Auntie Megan?

  • diapers get changed

  • babies get fed

  • dishes get washed

  • floors get mopped

  • water-heater thermostat gets lowered to prevent scalding

  • water-heater thermostat gets raised to prevent spread of legionnaire's disease

  • lawns get raked

  • bottles get swished

and kisses get freely dispersed to the nearest delicious-smelling baby head.

Sorry, readers, for not writing this week. I have been helping the Grs take care of Ruby and Fiona, and doing housework the Grs have no time to do. It is a full time job for three people.

I have learned how to tell the baboos apart with one swift glance. I am starting to learn what is real crying vs. what is just fussing, though I've yet to perfect that talent. I have worn my baby smock (one of greg's shirts that is *not* covered in cat hair) enough times that it is covered in spit up and my meals.

In the hopper: a post on poly, updates to what I've been reading.

Just recognized a real cry. It's hard to type with one hand. And Greg's just come home from foraging with a headless tilapia, so I am going to go and put my very rusty fish cleaning skills to good use.


grace said...

Oh Megan! Go to my blog and see! I just wrote a post about your week here, then I checked your blog and WHAT HO? We have almost the same list! And almost the same format for our posts! A sure sign we have been spending mucho time together and morphing into each other. Thanks for all your help last week. We love you.

grace said...

oh, and how DO you get the rust off the rusty fish?