Thursday, November 17, 2005

No Photos for You

Apparently, H-O-T-T spells pyjamas.

The MLO shindig was a whopping $30 cover. Not even the guy who had his heart set on going was interested in going. So I went to SSM's with my sister.

M and one S had rented some very gay videos to make up for the MLO loss. We watched about 10 mintues of one excrutiating documentary on drag kings - Venus Boyz, I think the name was. Avoid this video. No codicils, no ifs. Like it was the last piece of something nasty. My sister and I only lasted about 30 minutes into Hustler White, which was campy, low budget, and really funny. But really funny is not funny enough to carry me past midnight.

So, now someone has to throw a party to which I can wear ruffled underwear and paisties. Get planning, boyos.

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