Friday, January 26, 2007

It's 10 o'clock, It's Friday Night, I'm Going to Bed

Yeah, I know, I fell down on the whole tomorrow you get the doctor story business. It got more convoluted after I said I would blog about it. So I'll try to get that down for your edification this weekend. But because I'm sure you're all on tenterhooks, I'll give you the spoiler: it's all fine.

So randomly:

1) Regarding my ass sex writing:

2) Regarding Caught My Eye:

3) I have been very stressed out about this party we're throwing on Saturday. I will be very happy when it is over.

4) My first bass lesson was excellent. I lied a bit in the title up there, because I'm going to practice for a bit and then go to bed.

5) I have a date with an OKCupid boy coming up, probably the first week of February. I said yes to the drink because he sent me the pattern for a craft that I cannot talk about because it will hopefully be a birthday present sometime soon. Except for that part where I'm not knitting anyone presents any more. I don't know how I feel about the date. I do know how I feel about the pattern.

6) Speaking of which, here's Squarey:

7) The OKCupid girl I asked out on a date has not responded to me. But has logged in. Drat. She is very cute.

8) Got a date with a myspace boy who was not too shy to tell me he thought I was cute, but too shy to ask me out on a date. He is a dashing young man with beautiful tattoos, so I was not going to let that pass. I'm a sucker for a well-placed compliment.

9) I am having a crush on another boy. I don't know if he's having a crush on me.

10) What, really? A week ago I said I was too broken to date? A week ago I said that dating was stupid?

I'm not sure it's dating that's stupid so much as my sex drive.

Because as the lovely Shelley pointed out to me this evening over a lovely bibimbap after yoga with our lovely Jamine, I am actually very good at relationships. I have excellent friendships.

I'm just not so much on the mark with picking partners/lovers who suit me. It's so easy to get suckered in by pretty cheekbones, or lips that just beg to be kissed and feel really really good pressed up against my, well, my whatever. My everything. I get suckered in by the tiny broken blood vessel under her eye (*sigh* It's just like mine. *sigh*), and let all the other things that would make it not work slip away. I bury my face in someone's chest and breathing them in makes me feel like I found some lost liquid that replenishes all my cells and makes me forget that the owner of the chest spent the 700 bucks he owes me on crack.

Oh, pheromones, you dastardly beasts.

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